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Welcome back!

So… What do you think of the new site?! There’s much to talk about! We have a new forum now, go and register for that and get involved with the discussion. It’ll probably be quite bare to start with as it’s brand new. So use your imagination and start some conversations 🙂 There’s a dedicated… Read more

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Facebook integration for increasing your app visibility

It’s no secret that Facebook integration in games increases their chances of hitting it big. With Facebook’s over 1 billion users with an average of 757 million users logging in every day, why would any game dev miss out on making Facebook work with their game? So what are the most effective functionalities to integrate… Read more

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Drunk Pirate: Development Log #1

The Idea As a tipsy buccaneer you’ve stumbled upon treasure on a remote desert island, but to your dismay the treasure guardians – the immortal skeletons – don’t like your plans to steal it. Therefore you must haul anchor and run away from them across this desert island in a desperate effort to find your… Read more

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