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Facebook integration for increasing your app visibility


It’s no secret that Facebook integration in games increases their chances of hitting it big. With Facebook’s over 1 billion users with an average of 757 million users logging in every day, why would any game dev miss out on making Facebook work with their game?

So what are the most effective functionalities to integrate from Facebook into your game in order to make your game spread virally? And how to do them?

The first that I consider important is using Facebook’s Score API to store and show user’s score on a high score board. If their friends are playing the same game they will see them in the high score board and its quite fun trying to beat your friends score.


A simple Facebook high score board

The second great feature that helps an app spread is inviting friends to play with you. I’ve seen this done in collaboration with the high score board. Basically you can show the high scores of friends who already play, then below it you can see friends who don’t play this game and next to their name is an invite button. This makes it very easy to spread the word.


Facebook high score mixed with Invitation API

The third important feature which really helps make your app social is letting friends help each other out. This can be by giving lives to each other or by sending thanks by the way of coins.

I’ve seen this done really nicely in Angry Birds Transformers. When you’re logged in you can select a team mate and if you use them in the game then it gives you the opportunity to thank them afterwards. Doing this will give the friend coins or gems. This sort of social gaming really brings people back and increases their enjoyment of the game.


Ingenious way of having social gaming


After the game it asks if you want to thank your friend for their help


Friends activity showing the rewards you have gained from essentially playing with Facebook logged in.


It’s my ambition to bring to my readers a series of tutorials on how to do all of these things with Facebook in Unity.

Below is a list of the tutorials that will be coming. Some will be longer than others, but I appreciate any feedback I can get. Please let me know in the comments of each respective tutorial if it was helpful, understandable or if there is anything I should do to improve my tutorials. Please feel free to request a tutorial too!

  1. Facebook SDK in Unity: Basic Login Integration
  2. Facebook SDK in Unity: Displaying users name and picture, along with Share and Invite buttons
  3. Facebook SDK in Unity: Score API – Saving and displaying scores
  4. [by request]
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