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Facebook SDK 7.3.0 & Unity 5.3

The update for the Facebook series of tutorials. Accounting for all new changes to the Facebook SDK 7.3.0.

Tutorials in this Series

1: Facebook SDK 7.3.0 in Unity 5.3 – Login, Username & Profile Picture Tutorial

Since the last set of Facebook tutorials that I created there has been some changes to the SDK. We’re now on 7.3.0 at the time I write this post. Some of the more notable changes are the new IResult replacing FBResult, FB.LogInWithReadPermissions as the new way of initialising the first login. In the video tutorial… Read more

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2: Facebook SDK 7.4.0 in Unity 5.3 Tutorial – Singletons, Inviting & Sharing

Lets learn how to invite and share our game. Watch the full video for an in-depth explanation of how to put this all together. However if you just want a quick cheat sheet of how to do shares and invites then look no further than the following code: Sharing   public void Share() { FB.FeedShare… Read more

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