Grey Zoned

Welcome back!


So… What do you think of the new site?!

There’s much to talk about!

We have a new forum now, go and register for that and get involved with the discussion. It’ll probably be quite bare to start with as it’s brand new. So use your imagination and start some conversations 🙂

There’s a dedicated tutorial section now, with tutorial series support to link together the tutorials for easier usability. If there are downloads available for tutorials then that will appear in the sidebar.

I have a Patreon page now too! If you ever felt like helping me then that’s how you can. Under each tutorial there is also the Paypal donate button still (thank you to those of you who donated!). It’s my goal to eventually make games and tutorials full time. With your help maybe I can make that a reality. Currently my main responsibility is making websites but if I can support myself by making tutorials then I can put more time into creating amazing content for all of you!

About those tutorials… I have made the first in a new series about the new Facebook SDK 7.3.0 for you to watch right now! I can’t wait to hear what you think of it, and to get some new requests for tutorials.

So enjoy the new site and the forum. If you haven’t already, please do subscribe to my email list so that I can keep you updated of new stuff (which will be more frequent now!)

Until next time, Happy coding!